Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello everyone and hello to 2013. January has been and gone and we are now well into February! How did that happen? 

I was just reading through my last post, which was the end of December and I can't believe what has happened since then.

Kelsey and Jay have returned to Australia and are back into their routines. It was awesome getting to spend some time with them and catching up. I found it a little easier to say goodbye this time although we have no idea yet when we will see them again.

A lot is still up in the air at the moment in regards to our move, which I sometimes find a little unsettling but are coping with most of the time.

We took some time out and went to Oakura Beach on New Years Day as it was hubby's birthday and it was an awesome day.

Here I am having my first cuddle with my great nephew. Isn't he just tiny!

He is such a wee poppet.

In terms of what I have done sewing wise - I have made 3 sets of drapes for our room and completed the drapes for what was our sons room. (He isn't moving with us to Tauranga and moved out a few weekends ago in preparation for our departure.) I might still have drapes for one room to make yet. I have been tidying in my sewing room but haven't quite finished yet.

It has been very hot with temperatures getting very high very early in the day. This doesn't make it easy to get the jobs done for the big move.

I want to get this published, as it has been sitting in the draft folder for too long and I have more things to share with you very soon, promise.

Check back soon - you never know what is going on around here.

PS: Please feel free to leave a comment, I love hearing from you.