Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January stitching

Here in New Zealand, January means summertime, warm temperatures, sun and beaches.

It is always a time of reflection and evaluation for me, what worked last year, what I achieved, what I want to achieve this year and the opportunity to have a good clear out. 

I am making good progress on my January challenge which is number 6 on my list for the APQ 2017 challenge, 6 being the number drawn for January. Especially considering that I have been sick with a horrendous headcold for over a week now. I have pushed on whenever I could, making the most of precious moments to sit and stitch.

Auditioning fabric placement 

Getting it all laid out.

The quilting has begun.

Letting the fabric do the talking. 

I constructed the quilt into four pieces and are quilting it in the four pieces and then will join them together. All of the stitch in the ditch has been done and now some detail is being added. I am just chipping away at it, bit by bit.

Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow, check back and see.

Happy stitching everyone

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

January 2017

Well here we are in January 2017, the Christmas things have been taken down, packed away and put back into the ceiling space. I had sorted my 2017 diary months ago so that was all sorted and ready to go. Yesterday morning I sat and looked at my UFO list from 2016 and noted any changes and then I made a new list for 2017. 

Since then I have become aware that All People Quilt have a 2017 UFO Challenge going on where you write up a list of 12 UFO's and work on them one a month and either complete it or at least get some progress on each UFO. I pondered this briefly and decided, Why not! I will document my progress here as I go. This month we are working on item number 6. When I wrote up my list, I put as number 6 the project that I have to get done this month as I have a deadline.

Yesterday I ironed my fabric and now I need to start working out exactly what I am going to do. This quilt is for a special person and will be a gift. This quilt will be a quilt as you go quilt, probably in four sections.
Some of the fabrics I'm using.

Our books for Symposium arrived just before Christmas and I have had a quick look through but need to have a more in depth perusal. There is quite a group of us going from Tauranga here and we are having a get together later in the month to check out what we are all doing etc before we do our final selections.

We went out for a walk around Mount Maunganui this afternoon and a cruise ship was visiting.

It was very windy especially on the harbour side of the Mount.

The views are quite spectacular from the walkway.

Okay I have some ideas to spin around, so until next time, happy stitching everyone.