Sunday, February 28, 2016

Orange Crush Update

The setting triangles are made, yippee!

Things are getting pretty exciting as I start laying out the blocks...

These are looking great and I am loving the look of them. Then I add the other blocks

and I am not loving it. Not sure about these blocks together at all. I love both sets of blocks on their own, not so much when they are together. Feels like everything is too busy and both blocks are fighting with each other, not sitting in harmony with each other. Here are the orange and blue blocks on their own...

Just when I thought that this would be an easy job. I am wondering about using the blocks to create two completely different quilts. I also have these that I may be able to use?

I think I have some serious playing and auditioning in my future along with some serious thinking.
Stick around and check back to see how I get on with this one or maybe two quilts.

Happy stitching everyone.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another UFO?

Interesting - I thought I had completed my list of UFO's and you can imagine my surprise when I keep finding more! I have had to add a few more to my UFO list as I tidy the sewing room, but I really did think I had found them all.

I woke early this morning and spent some time straightening up in my sewing room and came across this UFO. It is Orange Crush a mystery quilt designed by Bonnie K Hunter and I had totally forgotten about it. The thing is that all of the blocks have been made and all that is waiting to be completed are the setting triangles. I have been busy this afternoon making the components for those and I am nearly there.

This isn't one of my Top 5, but it is so close to being a flimsy that I just can't help myself. It isn't going to take much more to get this one done. I have one more component to cut and then all of the components can be sewn together.

Watch this space....... Happy stitching everyone.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Block one is complete

Block one on Home Coming Lane is completed and I am very pleased with it.

It is so good seeing some progress on this project, I can't wait to get the other three blocks done and for it to be completed and up on the wall. 

I joined the block of the month for this quilt with the intention of hanging it in our newly renovated front entrance in our house in Whangarei, not long after that my husbands current role was advertised and the decision was made to move here to Tauranga. I was devastated that this quilt would not hang where I intended it, and I just couldn't face working on this quilt for quite some time.  Now that I have somewhere in mind to hang this quilt again, I am keen to get it done and hanging on the wall and I have renewed enthusiasm. This one is one of my Top 5.

Until next time, happy stitching everyone

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Home Coming Lane progress

I am really thrilled to have all of the hand blanket stitch completed for all components for my first block for Home Coming Lane which was a Gailpan Designs BOM through The Country Yard in Northland.

Last week I spent a whole day pushing through and getting all of the applique pieces ready for attaching. I managed to get everything ironed and this block has been waiting for the vine to be completed as it was the last thing for me to do.

Now I can sew it all together. Check back to see it all sewn together. Until then happy stitching everyone.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

February is humming along

January 2016 has been and gone and February is definitely humming along. The wild weather that we had throughout January seems to have settled and summer has returned with high temperatures most days. I can't believe it is a month since I last blogged, there has been so much going on lately and don't worry the fingers have been busy too.

There have been meetings and get togethers to start the organising for the year ahead and indications are that 2016 is indeed going to be a very busy year. 

Here is the bright strings completed and on the back of the couch. So pleased to see it done and yes it is my first completion for 2016. I made the strings using a calico foundation and I like the stability that using the calico has given this quilt. I am super proud of having one completion already for 2016.

I made some bunting for my granddaughters 2nd birthday - it was so fun and easy to make. 

My daughter didn't waste any time hanging it in Scarletts room. It really brightens up the dark corner and pulls all of the design elements together. I just love the little snuggle book reading centre that Kelsey has created for Scarlett.

I registered my Top 5 list and photo at the club meeting yesterday, it will be interesting to see how many people register for this club. We do have quite a few ladies in the club that don't have any UFO's, they only have their current WIP's and I really admire their self discipline and perseverance. I am already working on two of my top five quilts and I really can't wait to get rid of my list totally. 

I have realised that I don't want to work the way I have in the past and I have a new approach to my patchwork and quilting for any new and future projects and so I am planning not to end up with a large list of UFO's again.  I have a plan and we will see as the year progresses how I get on, but don't worry I will keep you up to date with where things are at.

I have decided on one new project for this year and I have already started this, the inspiration and incentive came out of nowhere and was a very pleasant surprise. So far I am enjoying it but I will tell you more on that a bit later when I have more to show you. When I said earlier in the post that my fingers have been busy, this is one of the things that I have been working on.

The only other thing that I am doing this year is a BOM that we are doing at club for our members. The ideas started off with us doing a Baltimore quilt but we also wanted to make it a New Zealand inspired quilt, hence the name for this project has become 'Baltimore to the Bay' due to us living in the Bay of Plenty. We also thought that if we kept it to a 9 block quilt including a border that we would get more members participating in this project. This is going to be our main project for the year instead of doing smaller projects like we did last year. I will show you the blocks for these as we go though the year, I have started working on the first block as we are wanting to show a variety of ideas and techniques when we launch this in the next few weeks and I will be able to show you mine after then.

My fingers are itching to do some more stitching and these quilts aren't going to get made sitting around, so until next time, happy stitching everyone.