Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hand stitching on block four - done!

Yes the hand stitching on block four is done and dusted. Yippee!!!

Guess what I am doing today? Yes, stitching the block together. Catch you later when it is done.

Happy stitching everyone.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And block three is done!

Yes, I have been chipping away a little at a time and block three is indeed done. What a fantastic feeling.

The best thing is that block four is just about completed too. There is a little hand stitching to do and then putting the block together. Once that is done I can lay them out and check placement of the blocks for the colours to be evenly distributed throughout the quilt. I am going to quilt as you go each of the four blocks and then put them together.

This is one of my top 5 projects and we have our first quarter draw next week at club, however I don't think this one will be completed in time but I will try.

Happy stitching everyone, I am off to get some more stitches into block four.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Autumn is here

The temperatures are settling down and the sun is slowly getting lower in the sky as we move into autumn more. I have been enjoying more time in the garden and we have been giving it a general  tidy up and reassessment. A huge trailer load of vegetation was taken to the recycle depot last weekend and seriously you can't see where it came from. Hedges have been trimmed and are looking good but I do have to plant the vegetable seedlings that are waiting ever so patiently to be put into the ground.

Last night they got the weather forecast right for a change and we had the most amazing lightening and thunder that we have experienced for a very long time. Boy was that thunder right overhead and it was extremely loud and you felt it. I have to confess that I got such a fright and I was glad it moved on and got quieter although that was when the heavy rain started although it didn't last too long.

I have been thinking of changing my sewing room over with the guest room for a little while now and I couldn't put it off any more and have been working on that this week.  I have found several things that have been hiding from me while doing this, and I can't believe how much stuff I have - I think it is multiplying when I am not looking! The bonus is that things are getting more organised and therefore it should be easier to remember where things are so they can be found. The daylight is better in the new room and it also looks down the drive to the street and onto the roses which line the drive and I am enjoying the different perspective this room offers.

View of driveway and street from my sewing room.

This room is smaller than the previous one which is going to make it interesting as I haven't finished moving everything yet and there isn't much space left. The wardrobe is much smaller too but access to it is better and you can see in it at night which is good.

The tidy corner of the sewing room so far.

found it interesting that one of the first things that I did in the new room was put things up on the walls and sort the little stereo that I have in my sewing room. What are your must haves in your sewing room? Share in comments below if you like.

Until next time, keep up the good work and happy stitching everyone.


Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March is humming along

Progress is being made with the hand stitching for Home Coming Lane and I am still loving it.

What has been done so far for block three.

Just the house section of the block to be sewn now.

Today is our first child Kelsey's 25th birthday and the celebration of not only her life but our journey as parents. I always find our children's birthdays emotional and always get swept back to when they were born and what was happening back then. 

A quarter of a century is definitely an achievement regardless of how you look at it really. Not only that but Kelsey is an amazing mother to her own two year old daughter Scarlett and I am incredibly proud of the beautiful and strong person that she is.

The sun is shining and the temperatures are still high and there is stitching to be done, so until next time - happy stitching everyone.


Friday, March 04, 2016

Home Coming Lane, block two is complete

I am so thrilled at the progress that I am making with this

And I am loving how it is looking. Work has begun on block three and the hand stitching is progressing nicely.

Now to get back to stitching...


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Summary for February

Wow March is here, where did February go?
We had some amazing beautiful and hot weather through February which brought its own challenges as to what projects to work on due to the heat. Although there was lots of other life stuff going on behind the scenes, I am pretty happy with what I achieved in February though. They include

Bunting for Scarlett - made and is now hanging in her bedroom and it looks great.

Bright strings quilt completed - this flimsy had been sitting around for quite a while and was the perfect thing to practice some free motion quilting on. So that was quilted and bound, no label yet though.

Block One of Home Coming Lane - so pleased to see a partial completion on this project and this means that a quarter of the quilt top is completed, a definite bonus. This is one of my 'Top 5'.

BOM block one for club - Baltimore to the Bay - the committee are endeavouring to have their BOM block completed before each block is revealed to the club. I thought that I had a photo of it but alas I don't and my block is at club. This needs to be batted up and quilted now as I am going to do QAYG with this project so at the end of the year the bulk of the work is done already and it just needs to be joined. I will show you a photo next week when I retrieve it from club.

Orange Crush - I have done more work on this one and the jury is still out as to what to do with it yet, so I have put it aside and are concentrating on some other things at the moment. It will be interesting to see just what I can achieve in March.

So on that note, chores and stitching are calling so until next time, happy stitching everyone.