Sunday, February 23, 2014

My entries for the Tauranga Quilt Show

Hi there,

Just trying to do a little bit of a catch up with things that I have been doing around life ...

Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters Group had a quilt exhibition just after I became a member, September 2013. This was the inspiration I needed to make a commitment to get a few things completed. And here are some of my entries -

These are the tiles that I started in Michele Hill's class at Quilt Symposium at Taupo, 2013. If you look back to previous posts when I was doing the applique for these, you can see how mounting them on canvas really transforms them.

This is a Ngaire Williams design from The Apple Basket. I purchased this as a kit - excluding the canvas. I am very pleased with the result and found the process very rewarding. These get mounted on the wall with 3M velcro strips.

Hannah's Moonshine Quilt - a Monica Poole / Moonshine Design, using the Quilt as you go technique. This quilt was made as a 21st present and again I am pleased with the result. The best part about it all was that you are working with more manageable sizes of the quilt and it is only when putting the larger pieces together that you are dealing with the entire bulk.

Here is another Ngaire Williams design and again this was purchased as a kit. I absolutely love the result and this also gets attached to the wall with 3m velcro strips.

It has definitely been good seeing some projects getting completed. Since then I have been working a lot and haven't been doing much sewing. I am trying to get the sewing room sorted so that I can start chipping away at a few more things.

Check back soon to see what else I have been up to and meanwhile happy sewing everyone.

Cheers Donna-Maree