Tuesday, September 18, 2012

25 Years on and still going...

Our local club The 'Whangarei Patchworker and Quilters Club' had their 25th  Anniversary this month and we had a lovely day which included a shared lunch, a few bubbles and cake.
The cake being cut by Relda and Gaye (our eldest and youngest club members present) with our President Jocelyn on the left. 
The image on the cake is our club emblem.

Spring is definitely showing its arrival with new growth on a lot of plants, some sunshine and warmer temperatures. I am pleased to see more sunshine than we have seen for a while, it always makes me smile. There has been quite a bit of illness this winter, not in our household but in our community. My mother is sick for the second time in a short space of time and isn't sounding too good. She is visiting the doctor this morning so will hear all about that in due course.

We have created what we are calling 'the mother list' which is a list of things that need attention or finishing. Having had ongoing renovations we are wanting our weekends back and to not have the 'to do' list hanging over our heads all of the time. Everyone has contributed to the list and has come on board with it, so that is promising.

I have done some of the stitchery but need to pick up some more cottons, funny isn't it how you think you have enough colours only to find out that you don't have the colours that are needed or that there isn't enough of the popular colours. So some enforced shopping will happen today, then I will have to do the grocery shopping as the cupboards are nearly bare. 
Isn't it cute, I have really enjoyed this so far, just have to get the cottons to complete it!

I have a UFO day this Saturday through the club and I am trying to work out what to work on, it is not like a don't have a choice, it might just end up being what is going to be the easiest to take with me. I will let you know how I get on and what I end up working on.

Happy stitching everyone

Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday already ...

Well what a week and Friday is here already. 

Today I was up at Barge Park here in Whangarei, where the regional primary-intermediate schools cross country was held. The weather was co-operative and our students ran hard and they did well.

Following that I called into The Country Yard, one of the local quilt shops which is at Maungatapere (just along the road from Barge Park really). I caught up with Kerryn and Raewyn and had a look at the lovely things they have in the shop. Check them out online here if you cant get along to their shop.

Here are some stitching goodies that I purchased today, I haven't really done stitcheries before so I will keep you posted on my progress.

Here are the fabrics for 'Home Coming Lane' which is a BOM that I have just signed up for. I will have the pattern soon so I can start this - I will keep you posted about my progress with this as well.

After all of this I decided to carry on out and visit my absolute most favourite beach Ruakaka.

Looking to the right towards Uretiti and Waipu.

Looking to the left towards the harbour, and Mount Manaia.

Here are some shells that I collected but decided that they needed to stay at the beach. I had appreciated their beauty as I collected them and took a photo and was able to walk back down the beach.

Walking down the beach I found a creation that someone had taken some time to put together, quite impressive I thought. Those white things are shells that someone has carefully placed on the branches.

I have club day tomorrow, so might have some more to comment on after that. We are having a celebration with a shared lunch and I am looking forward to it.

Happy stitching everyone

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Medal winners ...

We had some very special guests at our school a few weeks ago due to family connections in the community and a very enterprising teacher. 

Check out the story from the local newspaper here

Yes is was Mahe Drysdale and Juliette Haigh with their Olympic medals.

Here is a photo of the visit to our school:

Here is the link to the newpaper story about it here.

It was a truly exciting and inspiring experience for the members of our community and the students and teachers of our school. As well as showing us their medals Mahe and Juliette returned Flat Jack and William to us along with another special friend.

This was a day not many of the students will forget.


Happy Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there.
It is 16 years Dad since I have seen your face and this is for you.

Hello to Spring

Well hello everyone,

August has gone and September has arrived. The mornings are getting lighter earlier and the evenings are beginning to stay lighter longer. We had our daughters last soccer game for the season today and while we have enjoyed it, it will be nice to move onto other pursuits on Saturday mornings. The birds are definitely more active and vocal which is lovely to hear. I am enjoying working but really appreciate my time at home more now as a result.

The beginning of August saw our local club exhibition which was great. It was awesome on the opening night seeing all of the quilts for the first time, all hung and looking gorgeous. We really are a talented group, well actually I can't speak for myself as I didn't have anything in the exhibition having spent the last three years studying. But the other ladies are absolutely awesome and I was blown away with their entries. Here are some photos of the exhibition:

There really was a huge selection of quilts to cater for most peoples taste or style.
These are the raffle quilts: aren't they gorgeous.
First prize:

Second prize:

Third prize:

This quilt was made by my friend Leeann: Remember you're a Kiwi. 

I have spent Friday afternoons for the past five weeks at the local school taking an electives group making cushions. Seeing the confidence and skills grow in the girls as the weeks have gone on is truly inspiring. None of the girls had used a sewing machine before and they were quite apprehensive about using them. I have seen benefits in other students from the choices that they have made and the things that they have participated in as well. I certainly wish that we had had these opportunities back when I was at school.

I spent some time in the vegetable garden yesterday tidying and taking stock so that I can do some planning about what seedlings I want to raise for this next growing season. I find this time of year exciting with the promise of summer even if eventually and the thoughts of summer produce and activities is always motivating.

Have an awesome day everyone.