Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September is just whizzing by

Daylight saving started last weekend and I haven't adjusted yet. It is great having the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day but I am struggling with the mornings so far, I am not ready to wake up when the alarm goes off.

It is a busy time of year with summer not far away, there are seeds needing to be sown for the garden or we won't have produce in time for Christmas. In the last few days the grape vine has burst forth with buds and the roses are all coming into leaf. With all of the rain we have had in the last few days it is a challenge to get washing dry.

Anyway I attended a Chris Kenna class at our club and what a fantastic class. It was fabulous seeing the colours everyone chose for their Millefiori block components. 

My untrimmed units.

Trimming makes such a difference.

The combined class units after lunch. More units were constructed in the afternoon.

On the Sunday following the class, hubby and I went to Auckland for my Aunty's 80th birthday lunch which was awesome.

Four of the siblings.

Hubby had a conference in Auckland on the Monday and Tuesday morning following the birthday lunch, so I took my sewing machine as you do to get in some stitching.

I rearranged the furniture to suit me, I did put it back to how I found it. Housekeeping couldn't believe their eyes when they checked in to see if we needed anything.

Units waiting for trimming

Getting an idea of how it is all going to come together

Another set of units coming together.

The plan is to keep chipping away at these units whenever I get the opportunity until they are done.

The club has an open weekend coming up in October and the plan is have all of the quilts from the Rosemary  Rush class on display. Alas I haven't completed mine yet and so the pressure is on. 

My Rosemary Rush piece as it is today. No changes there yet.

Anyway I want to get in some stitching today, so until next time, happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August update

August just zipped by for me this year and I can't believe that I never published a post during the month.

There were several reasons for that though, we are having computer issues in that our computer is too old and can't support the newer programmes that are being used. Although I do blog most of the time using the iPad when I take photos with the camera which does give better results, I do then like to download the photos through the computer. Technology is a wonderful thing until it isn't working for you and then, well you will all know the feeling.

August is always a tough month for me as it is the month that I lost my dad and this year it was the 20th anniversary of that event. I also happen to be the age right now that he was when he passed and I have found this year in particular much harder.

Dad holding me, back when

Waihi Beach
Hubby and I checked out Waihi Beach at the beginning of August as he had never been there before. The township has changed quite a bit since the last time I stayed there which is over 30 years now.
Funny how some places change more than others.

I also started a new job in August, although it is part time it is having quite a big impact as you can imagine. Stitching time isn't happening as much as before and yes, I miss it. I do have more to share but that will be in a future post.

So until then, happy stitching everyone.