Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter everyone

We have had some very crazy weather and the beginning of Easter saw Cyclone Cook in our region making an impact, thankfully not as much as it could have. I think the storm was further out to sea, I know White Island had wind speeds of approximately 210kph and while we had wind it wasn't of that magnitude. We did go through the process of putting away all outdoor furniture etc just in case, better to be safe than sorry. The weather for the rest of the weekend has been a mixed bag with sun and rain which also included thunder this morning. 

The Easter weekend also saw the start of the school holidays so traffic in the mornings and after school time should be better for the next couple of weeks. This is the first year for us that school holidays aren't an issue, although our youngest does have a break from her studies and yes she has become a couch potato. 

I was lucky enough to be the winner of these beautiful fabrics from RJR Fabrics and Mandy Andy Designs in a competition that was on Instagram. Normally the only prizes I win are the booby prizes and so I was very excited when this parcel arrived at our house. I have so many ideas as to how I could use the fabrics so it will be interesting to see what they become. In the meantime I am chipping away at some projects although there isn't much to see at this stage. Sorting and tidying is another activity that is an ongoing thing in my sewing room at the moment. It is nice having a sewing room again although it is a change for us all and I think hubby misses me sewing in the living room where I was more accessible. 

Last week I made some quince chutney, I just love quinces and couldn't resist them a week or so ago at the local fruit shop. We had some last night with cheese and crackers and it is seriously yum. The several jars it made won't last long for sure. 

The day is calling and there are things to be done, but call back soon and happy stitching everyone.

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