Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May ... you count your blessings

I just found this post in the draft folder - better late than never!

I thought the beginning of the year was hectic, things haven't slowed down any, and we all know that the second half of the year always goes faster than the beginning. It is definitely a 'fasten your seat belts' kind of year.

Autumn has seen a lot of rain here with several cyclones in a row, however we have also had some amazing days with clear skies and sunshine which makes the outside chores more pleasurable and yes there are still a couple to complete before winter truly sets in. Choosing how many layers of clothing to wear has definitely been trial and error, although a jacket is compulsory just in case. 

We have a new member of the household and she is adjusting very well to her new surroundings, her name is Milly and we are becoming very attached already. She is just a little sweetheart and is so laid back, we were expecting sleepless nights and accidents in the house and we have had neither. We have never had an animal adjust so quickly before. We have had several cats and dogs so far and in fairness I did do a bit of prep work (like a true quilter) before she arrived and I do believe that made it easier for her to assimilate into the household. Milly is 15 weeks old and is a miniature schnauzer and after her last vaccination this coming weekend we will be able to get out and about with her more.

Although there isn't much to show for my stitching yet that I can show you, I have been making progress on several things and I am pleased with my progress.


Pics from when we first got Milly

Milly is nearly six months old now and she had her first puppy groom yesterday. I left an unsure puppy who was shaking and went back to a confident little girl who had made friends with everyone - dog and human. My puppy however is disappearing fast and Milly is definitely looking more like the dog she will become.

Pic taken yesterday.

Milly is a character but is also a very laid back creature who is a pleasure to have around and is very good company. You will see more of her in future posts.

Until next time everyone, happy stitching

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